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Garage conversions

Example of a finished garage conversionExample of a finished garage conversion

“It became an unusable junk store”.  That’s the kind of comment we hear all the time about house garages, from people desperate to extend their home but with little outside space to work with.

Think of a day when all that mess and rubbish is gone and you have a simple storage area for only the things you really need, like your tools, the lawnmower or the kids’ bikes.  What if you also had a small Utility area to keep the laundry away from the kitchen and to give you an extra sink for potting the plants or washing the football boots or wiping down the dog.  Maybe, you’d opt for another loo so guests don’t need to go up stairs and the queue for the loo is reduced.  Sounds like heaven but now, to the front of all that, also see your new home entertainment area with big screen sports, or a day-to-day snug for the family or a more peaceful study area to run your business or family affairs from.  Maybe you’ll use it as a guest bedroom for when the grandparents, relatives or friends come to stay?

A garage conversion can usually cost much less than a single storey extension, yet it can lend just as much extra space and style to your home.  Ask yourself, how often has the car been in there anyway?  Do you really need all that junk you’ve stored over the years?  Would life be so much more pleasant with the extra living space?

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