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Example of a finished bathroomClose up of the bathroom taps

When you can’t afford to move, for whatever reason, but the family is growing or your visitors are becoming more frequent, it could be time to stop the queue for the loo!  With only 6’ x 8’ of space, Caroline Kennedy never believed she could have 4 children in there, all getting washed at any one time.  Davidson Design and build understood Caroline had limited time, with 4 young children and a demanding elderly parent to care for.  We designed into that little space all that she could hope for – a full size bath, a double shower and 2 full size wash basins.  Turning a downstairs cupboard into a second loo, with space for a washer and drier, also helped and gave her a guest loo that keeps her visitors’ eyes downstairs, and away from the sight of the children’s’ often messy bedrooms.   Everyone washed at the same time and no more fighting for the sink!  Out to school on time and harmony was restored.

Our company owner, John Davidson, takes advantage of his world travels to look for new and emerging design ideas in the house building market, so he has plenty of fresh and unusual idea to share with you when designing your new washroom, wet room, bathroom or guest toilet.

In Dubai, for instance, there is trend for interfacing bedrooms and bathrooms, with a window allowing a clear view into each room and an electronic window blind fitted when privacy is required.  Will it catch on in the UK?  Maybe you’ll be the first to have one!

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