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Finding a Trusted Builder

It can be very hard finding a trusted builder as there are many cowboys around. The above video has the answers to most of the common questions you ask when looking for a trusted builder.

Davidson Design and Build are Staffordshire builders you can trust and we have lots of happy customers who will tell you about us and our exceptional services in our testimonials. It is not just the quality of our building work that keeps our customers happy and recommending us to their friends but our friendly approach and customer service. We look at what we can do for your home and help you get the best design for your building requirements. Whether it is a Kitchen, house extension, conservatory, bathroom or something more complicated we will help you get the best for your money.

The above video answers a lot of common questions and valid questions you should consider when choosing a builder to work on your home.

You can get answers for:

1. Where should I start when looking for a builder?
2. Where should I not look for a builder?
3. How can I check if a builder is qualified?
4. What is a ‘cowboy builder’?
5. Should I ask for references from a builder?
6. Should I ask to visit previous sites where work was done?
7. Should I get a contract signed by a builder?
8. When should I use a project manager?
9. Are builders insured?
10. How much notice will I need to give a builder before he can start?
11. Is it worth waiting for the right builder?
12. Should I make sure my architect is happy with the builders I choose?
13. When is the best time of year to get work done?
14. How many registered builders are there in the UK?

If you want to go through any of these questions with Davidson Design and Build then get in touch and we will happily go through these and any other building questions or requirements you may have.


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